Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Victorious Heart

If  I am for you who can be against you? You are much more than a victorious conqueror through me.
Nothing can stop me from loving you -not death or life, angels or demons current circumstances or anything in the future. Know that nothing and no one in All the entire world can seperate you from my totally awesome and indescribable love.
   Love Always and Unconditionally
  Your God of Victory  Romans 8:31-39

With tears staining  your cheeks and pride swelling your heart, you smile for the cheering thousands. The Tv cameras pan the audience until they finally focus on your proud family, who is cheering encouragement to you and telling all within that you belong to them

Most of us will never know the exhilaration of winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics

. But in our imaginations, we've all proudly stood on that top platform....
If only it could be true .

Your world may be filled with challenges just trying as those faced by top Olympic contenders, but no roaring crowds cheer you on, and no one offers you a gold medal for your valiant efforts to win this game called life.

But wait. . . if you listen closely, you might hear the faint sound of cheering. And as you open your heart to the possibilites, the cheers will become louder and louder as you discover their source. Hebrews 12 says that we have a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, cheering us to run with perserverance  the race marked out for us. More than spectators, these witnesses are previous competitors, and they understand the sacrifices you're making and the pain you've endured.

And if you'll pan the crowd , you'll see your ather- he's the one leading the cheer. Arms rasied, index finger extended, he's shouting to you "You're" Number one!  "You're" number one! Besides him is your Master, Friend Lover and and most of all Savoir Jesus  He's turning to others in the crowd, excitedly telling All that you belong to him

 You are declared the Winner!

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