Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday November 4th 2013
This weekend was full of fun and laughter my 3 grandchildren came over to celebrate our youngest grand daughters Sophia's birthday, first we arrived at  Monkey Joe's which is an inflatable bouncy house. I would love to have the energy they have , I still have lots of it just would like a little more LOL
 After about an hour they were all tuckered out that was quick, we then packed up the car and proceeded to go home to have the rest of our party, we had to make a quick stop at Target , and then off to the party, Sophia was so excited she could barley contain herself now if I didn't tell you , she has the most feisty spirit and I love it she will never let anyone walk all over her , real independent she is .
We finally arrive at the house and I let her know I will cover her eyes so she can be really surprised ,well if you could have seen the look on her face when she saw the whole dining room decked out with Hello Kitty , it was priceless.
She is obessed with Minnie Mouse and Doc Mc Stuffin and Hello Kitty,   we made sure we had lots these presents for her ,we asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner  she said I want Chinese Food , how funny is she , as we are waiting for the chinese food they take all of the 50 ballons we blew up and proceeded to bring them out doors to play with them  , is there anything better than Grandchildren , you get to do all the things you couldn't do with your own in fear of spoiling them too much, what a joy to not have to worry about this , now don't get me wrong I still have guidelines for them just not as strict as when I was raising my own , we enjoyed a great day of laughter and fun , I love my grandbabies so much ,it was the best weekend and the Holidays are right around the corner so I get to spoil them some more . I  can't wait  I hope everyone has an Awesome week and may you enjoy the small things in life and give your problems to your creator he gets just as much joy in taking care of us as we do with our Children and Grand Children.
 Remember life is to short to be Stressed so Be Blessed


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Hey Girl
thank you so much , hope life is treating you well